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Hosted by Bruce McLeod and Luka Damic the show has lots of opinions and interviews with the words best sailors.

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Season 20 - Episode 6 - $15000 International Moth Challenge - Luka’s Boat

Feb 28, 2020 • 14 min

Youtube video

In part 2 of the budget moth challenge, Luka shares his choices.

In this challenge the boys each have $15,000 US ($20,000 AUD) to buy a moth and make it competitive. The rules are simple:

  1. They can buy any new part, or any used moth from https://mothmart.com or the International moth buy and sell group on FaceBook
  2. Google is used for price conversion to Aud.
  3. They can’t use a used part that the other competitor has used.
  4. You don’t count your boat work hours :-)

What would they buy if this challenge was real? Watch and find out !

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